Adrian regularly attends and speaks at events on a range of topics.  Please find below a selection of events that we have been to or are scheduled to speak at, along with details of the topics and recordings of the presentations by Kommercialize where available.

Current & Upcoming Events:

IACCM European Conference 2020 – April 27-29, Brighton

Past Events:

A series of webinars in association with the Law Society covering important areas of interest for lawyers:

  1. The seven habits of a commercial adviser
  2. Responding to the client revolution – How client expectations are shifting and how solicitors should respond
  3. The impact of technology and innovation on the legal sector. What do clients want? What is the latest technology?
  4. How to build an innovation strategy for law firms
  5. A practical guide to pricing and project management

IACCM Member Meeting – February 2020, London : Servitization – the opportunity for commercial and contract management

IACCM Member Meeting – November 2019, London : Improving the Performance of Contracts Post-Award

IACCM Americas Conference 2019 – November 4-6, Phoenix : Workshop – Commercial innovation – moving from ideation to impact

IACCM European Conference 2019 – May 13-15, Madrid : Workshop – Commercial innovation – moving from ideation to impact

IACCM European Conference 2019 – May 13-15, Madrid : Workshop – Research in Practice – creating a compelling case for action using IACCM research and insight

PSMG Panel Discussion – June 2018, London: Using AI for competitive advantage: thriving in the brave new world

IACCM Americas 2017 – October 11-13, Toronto: Commercial Innovation Workshop

IACCM Ask the Expert Webinar – September 2017 – Step forward the adaptive leader

Law Society Webinar – September 2017 – ‘How solicitors can respond to the client revolution’ – The seven habits of a commercial adviser

IACCM Ask the Expert Webinar – June 2017 – Commercial Innovation: Are You Keeping Pace?

IACCM European Conference 2017 – June 8-10, Dublin : Keynote Panel – Commercial Innovation

IACCM European Conference 2017 – June 8-10, Dublin : Commercial Innovation Workshop

PSMG Magazine – April/May 2017 Issue : Innovate to survive – Part 2 : a how to guide for professional service firms

APM Programme Management SIG Annual Conference – March 2017 : What would you do with 9.2% of the value of your project?

PSMG Magazine – January/February 2017 Issue : Innovate to survive – Part 1 : a how to guide for professional service firms

PSMG Briefing – February 2016 : Innovation in Professional Services

Managing Partner Magazine – November 2015 : Panel Interview – Business mindset

Experticon Contract Management Conference – Copenhagen – November 2015 : Commercial Excellence – a fundamental driver of business value

Contributor to IET whitepaper – March 2015: Digital Technology Adoption in the Smart Built Environment

LexisNexis Webinar – Live Videostream – October 2014 : Building Client Relationships 

IBC Euroforum Contract Management Conference – Copenhagen – September 2014 : Contract Management – a strategic discipline of economic value 

Developing into Ultimate Lawyers Career Conference – London – July 2014 : Commercial Awareness

IACCM Thought-Leadership Webinar – July 2014 – So you think you’re innovative? Prove it

Innovation is a ‘top 3’ issue for many organisation, particularly as in many parts of the world the economy reaches a tipping point and moves back towards growth. So why is it that often functions and professionals within them are often seen as blockers to innovation rather than the strategic enablers that they increasingly need to be? Using a piece of recent research conducted by IACCM, Innovation Fixer, and Kommercialize this interactive webinar will draw on this to look at what our members see as the issues they face, and how is it possible to re-position as professionals in the area of innovation.

IACCM EMEA Conference – Berlin – April 2013 : New Business Models – contracting challenges & skills required

IACCM EMEA Conference Berlin – April 2013 : Cross industry panel discussion – Are Your Contracts Ready for the Future?

ProcureCon Americas- Atlanta – October 2012 : Chair of panel discussion – Assessing The Role Of Contracting Within A Variable Global Environment

Ariba Live – Barcelona – May 2012 : The Future of Contracting

IACCM EMEA Conference – London – April 2012 : Contract Structure – in it for the long haul

IACCM EMEA Conference – Amsterdam – May 2011 : Commercial Agility – the role of risk in creating adaptive agility