Can You See What it is Yet? - The Value of Systems Level Thinking

Can You See What it is Yet? – The Power of Systems Level Thinking

It’s hard to envisage a world without mobile phones, but they have only been around for some 20 years.  I remember back in the 90’s, with the proliferation of providers and competition there was a bit of an arms race between the networks to create the most attractive packages.  For the consumer this often meant confusion and…

Yield management for restaurants?

Yield Management for Restaurants

I listened to an interesting interview recently about a new service which brings airline style ticket pricing to restaurant booking. We are all used to seeing the cost of an airline ticket fluctuating with demand.  What is going on in the background in simple terms is that the airline, with a fixed supply (i.e. number of seats), …

Apple airs three ads about the Genius Bar during Olympic Games opening ceremonies

As reported by 9to5Mac the Apple ads for their Genius Bar experience signifies a new tack for Apple where by they’re advertising a non-product area of innovation. Apple is one of the leaders in the area of blending together commercial innovation and product innovation to create leverage from multiple types of innovation. Their retail experience is world-class…

Sprint says it will not charge for FaceTime over network, Verizon calls iOS 6 pricing conversations ‘premature’

In a couple of recent postings I looked at the impact of mobile network consolidation and also whether people would be willing to pay a premium for premium network performance. It will be interesting to see how the increased availablility of video calling over mobile netowrks with iOS 6 changes the market.